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Our Travelling Pharmacist Dave Harcombe has opened his natural remedy cabinet again following on from his hugely popular Medicines on the Holiday Menu. We are now proud to bring you a new shopping list of beauty remedies widely available whilst travelling. No need to pack expensive moisturiser or spend all your money in duty-free. These treatments are widely available and some are good enough to eat! 

A is for Acne

Tomato juice is a wonderfully effective acne lotion. As is Aloe Vera. Apply daily. Use cotton wool balls  and dab it on morning and night. A slice of lemon would do too. And if you have found your toothpaste dab a little onto each spot.

Eye care. But do you?

Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles by slicing raw potato. Place on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Chill in the fridge first.

Aloe VeraRaid the minibar or kitchen fridge and place a can of Coke (or any other can) below the eyes, again for 10 minutes. A bottle of water would do. Also a spoon again chilled in the fridge.

Dabbing Aloe Vera gel (snap the leaves and squeeze out) onto a stye five times a day is a classic remedy. Mrs W from Doncaster swears by using her own urine. If you can bear to do that, just dab on – carefully.

Rub a gold wedding ring  in your hands until it’s warm and then rub over the stye. My nan said it had to be a wedding ring but any gold will do.I think she was just proud of being married.

Nail it

Improve the look of nails by soaking them in lemon juice. An Olive Oil massage is excellent too.

Soaking nails in white vinegar for 15 minutes three times a day should get rid of a troublesome fungal infection.

Avoid a bad hair day

Olive oilA cheap hair conditioner. Massage mayonnaise into the scalp. Towel wrap and wash out after 30 minutes. Natural yoghurt will work as well.

Chewing gum in hair? Soak the hair in Coca Cola and the gum will dissolve.

Olive Oil is a traditional remedy for dandruff.Simply massage into the scalp, leave overnight and wash out in the morning. 

Skin fresh

The skin is the largest organ in the body. So take good care of it. Keep it well hydrated by drinking water- six to eight glasses a day will help.

LemonFresh lemon juice in warm water sipped before breakfast helps to maintain a clear skin.

Soothe skin inflammation with raw potato or Aloe Vera gel.

An equal mix of olive oil and baking soda makes a cheap and highly effective moisturiser and skin scrub. As does natural yoghurt.Use gentle circular motion when applying. Plain yoghurt smeared in the nether regions is a very useful cure for vaginal irritation.

Pineapple juice is a great hand scrub.

Phantom of the opera

MelonMash a melon or a few grapes or a banana (or a mixture of all three) and leave on the face for 30 mins.Hey presto! Sparkling skin. Or use yoghurt

Grated potato and whipped cream left to dry on the face is great for wrinkles.

For smoother looking skin you could go to work on an egg. Whisk an egg white until frothy and dab onto your face.The egg tightens the skin as it dries – so do keep still- and removes wrinkles too.You may wish to get in at least half a dozen from the supermarket as the effect wears off fairly quickly. 

Oh the smell

Sliced cucumber rubbed onto the skin is an alternative deodorant.Baking soda masks body odour as well.

Keep you feet smelling wonderfully by rinsing in a foot bath of tea-freshly brewed and cooled.Or use vinegar. 

Time for teeth

Forgotten to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste? Don’t despair. Simply slice fresh strawberries and rub onto the teeth. Delicious! Removes plaque and teeth discolouration too. Dentures can be soaked overnight in white vinegar. 

At the end of the day

GingerAchy feet? Roll each foot over a can or bottle of water.

Run a warm bath. Add shavings of ginger root or Epsom salts. Both help to open pores and are a good skin detox.

Lie back and enjoy.

You have got through another day.

Please note: Our ‘beauty on the holiday menu’ are all gentle natural remedies which have been suggested by a qualified pharmacist based on his own experiences and the recommendations of his customers. However, always seek medical advice if symptoms persist or there is any cause for concern. Silver Travel Advisor cannot accept any liability for any of the suggestions made here.

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